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The Air Jordan 13 "CP3" Gets the "Home" Treatment

Jordan Brand is revisiting one of the NBAs best floor generals footwear. With Chris Paul as its muse, weve already seen the Away edition of the upcoming cheap real jordans inspired by Chris Paul. This time around, those behind the Jumpman have decided to add more fuel to the fire with a special Home edition as well. Using colors from the Hornets classic color scheme, the white based cheap authentic jordans logo on its tongue along with Orion Blue and purple detailing throughout the cheap jordans for sale. Theres no specific stateside release yet, but they will be releasing on November 11 in China.


The Jordan House of Flight Looks Back on 30 Years of Legendary History

buy jordans online celebrates its 30th anniversary, the Jumpman takes us to Shanghai, China, ringing in the occasion with the highly-anticipated House of cheap jordans. Playing host to AJ30, the Chinese city was the perfect location as NBA and basketball fever has reached an all-time high in recent years. Joining in on the celebrations were legendary Nike designer and the mastermind behind several jordans for cheap classics, Tinker Hatfield, along with Hiroshi Fujiwara, street artist Michael Lau and of course, Michael Jordan himself. Set against the backdrop of Shanghais iconic Bund, we take you inside the exhibitions and celebrations commemorating three decades of the Jumpman.


Boris Shpigel: "Russia has no place for neo-Nazis"

International Human Rights Movement World Without Nazism expresses strong protest regarding the so-called Russian International Conservative Forum, held in St. Petersburg on 22 March and attended by Russian and 11 foreign radical nationalist parties.
Neo-Nazi congress was jointly arranged by the German National Democratic Party, Greek Golden Dawn party, Bulgarian Attack (Ataka) party, Italian New Force (Forza Nuova) party, the Danish Peoples Party, the British National Party C known for its Holocaust denial, the Swedish Peoples Party C previously known as the National Socialist party, and other radicals.


In Lithuania, Yiddish teacher becomes unlikely bulwark against far right

Dovid Katz isnt typically a hard man to miss. With his bushy charcoal beard, heavy physique and trademark all-black outfits, Katz, a New York-born scholar of Yiddish, resembles a character from a Harry Potter film.
But at one of Europes more unusual neo-Nazi marches, complete with ultranationalists clad in medieval armor and smoke blowing in the colors of the Lithuanian flag, even he could blend in temporarily with the crowd.
But halfway through the Feb. 16 procession traversing Lithuanias second largest city, Katz was spotted.



Terrorist attack in Paris January 7, 2015, attacks in Brussels and recent events in Copenhagen, where a gunman attacked a synagogue and a caf hosting a free speech debate, became yet another manifestation of hate in Europe resulting in two men killed and five police injured. It is further evidence that terrorists professing ethnic or religious hatred will stop at nothing to impose their hateful ideology. This and the general growth of hate crime, discrimination and xenophobia demonstrate that the situation in Europe is becoming increasingly worrisome. Expressing support to all victims in these attacks and condolences to the bereaved families, World Without Nazism is sad to declare that manifestations of hate are increasingly occurring alongside attempts to discredit antifascist movements.

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The musical rehabilitation of a Latvian mass murderer

This coming Saturday night, October 11, a new musical premieres in the Latvian port city of Liepaja, the first stop on a nationwide tour. Such an event would hardly be news worthy were it not for the fact that rather than simple entertainment, the play is a brazen attempt to rehabilitate the image of one of the most notorious mass murderers of Jews in the Baltics during the Holocaust. The subject of the play is Herberts Cukurs, the deputy commander of the infamous Arajs Kommando, which played a leading role in the mass annihilation of the Jews in Riga and throughout the country in the year following the Nazi invasion of Latvia, and later was an active participant in the killing of Jews in Belarus (most notably from the Minsk Ghetto).


Ukraine's 'Romantic' Nazi Storm Troopers

The U.S. mainstream medias deeply biased coverage of the Ukraine crisis C endlessly portraying the U.S.-backed coup regime in Kiev as the good guys C reached a new level of absurdity over the weekend as the Washington Post excused the appearance of Swastikas and other Nazi symbols among a Ukrainian government militia as romantic. This curious description of these symbols for unspeakable evil C the human devastation of the Holocaust and World War II can be found in the last three paragraphs of the lead story in the Posts Saturday editions, an article about Ukraines Azov battalion which has become best known for waging brutal warfare under Nazi and neo-Nazi insignia.


World Without Nazism Says Ukraine Lacks Enforcement Mechanisms Against Racism, Xenophobia

The Ukrainian crisis is rooted in the lack of a mechanism of punishing for racism and xenophobia, the vice-chairman of the Presidium of the Moscow-based World Without Nazism organization said Wednesday. The mechanism of punishing for racism and xenophobia is absent in Ukraine. When crimes are committed on the basis of hatred, they are classified as domestic crimes. That is the root of the Ukrainian problem, Valery Engel said at the International Information Agency Rossiya Segodnya press conference. At the press conference, a group of scientists presented the White Book of Nazism, a fundamental study of radical nationalism in modern Europe, carried out by the World Without Nazism organization.


The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the International Human Rights Movement "World without Nazism" unite the civil society around the humanitarian policy and the protection of human rights

Today, on June 5, the discussion of the  activities program of the newly established Committee on Humanitarian Policy and Human Rights of the Public Council under the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine took place. The adoption of the new structure and management of permanent working bodies (committees) of the Council was held on May 20, 2014 at the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine. Andrew Gadzhaman, member of the Presidium of the International Human Rights Movement "World without Nazism" was unanimously elected Head of the Committee on Humanitarian Policy and Human Rights Protection.


Stop the 16 March marches and Latvians revising history!

For latest news on the three Neo Nazi Baltic marches that took place this year:  Kaunas 16 February, Vilnius 11 February and Riga 16 March 2014 see photo reportage published 13.04.2014 on youtube. The reportage is accompanied by an interview with Dr Efraim Zuroff of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, Israel on Salford City Radio, 24 March 2014 and MEP Richard Howitt's speech condemning the SS march in Riga, read out on Salford City Radio, 17 March 2014.


Demands That Jews Register in Eastern Ukraine Are Denounced, and Denied

DONETSK, Ukraine Worshipers at the Bet Menakhem-Mendl synagogue in this eastern Ukrainian city confronted a horrifying scene as they left a Passover service this week: masked men on a sidewalk handing out leaflets demanding that Jews register and pay a fine or leave the area, witnesses said. That the leaflets appeared in a highly uncertain political context did little to calm nerves or to dampen high-level international condemnation, including from Secretary of State John Kerry, who said Thursday in Geneva that just in the last couple of days, notices were sent to Jews in one city indicating that they had to identify themselves as Jews.


Putin, Ukraine and Anti-Semitism: It's Real

The coverage and commentary about events in Ukraine have exhibited the worst of the herd instincts of Western journalism. The pro-Putin/Russian camp and the anti-Putin/Russian camp have painted two absolutely divergent narratives. For the pros, it's an anti-democratic, fascist putsch. For the antis, it's a peoples national liberation movement. A plague, if you will, on both your houses. A special mention to an awful op-ed piece in Sunday's Times (Putin's Phantom Pogroms) asserting that anti-Semitism in Ukraine is a Putin fiction.

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